Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Most Favoritest Accessory

My love affair with headbands started a good 3 years ago, it was in the Center City J.Crew on a crisp September afternoon... and yes, like any true love, I remember all the details about how I fell for headbands...

As I browsed the store, I was drawn to the display of multiple preppy patterned fabric 2" and 3" headbands.  I thought, "I've seen some people wear these recently -usually in a Charlotte York way. I should be able to pull off the look" and I took a big risk and bought a RED headband.  Now, red is far from my go-to color, but I thought the light blue accents in the pattern would look great with my collection light blue button down shirts and sweaters.  It could also add a punch of color to white, black, and neutrals- which dominate my closet.

Here I am (2nd in from the right -obviously) in October 2006, wearing said red J.Crew headband.

I really loved the extra touch the headband was adding to my outfits, so I bought a few more in different patterns and colors. Then skinny plastic headbands were all the rage, so I stocked up those - tortoise, giraffe, black, and paisley.  Then Blair Waldorf made a case to become my headband wearing inspiration.  I started buying ones with flowers, bows, metallics and lace... I couldn't and still can't stop.

Oh Blair, priviledged upper east sider... how I envy your hair's good taste....

And for good measure... some pictures of me with my go-to accessory. Not quite as fancypants as Blair, but I promise I have a bigger variety... just not quite as much photographic evidence....

And yes, my beloved red patterned headband has made MANY appearances over the years.
(left to right: Christmas 2006, February 2007, October 2008)

Stayed tuned for my headband follow up...

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  1. Hey, This is Tara (Soon2BMrsSikes from the Nest). I just added you to my reader. I like the thin headbands, but the fatter ones don't seem to sit right on my head.


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