Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Master Bath Re-Model

Last New Year's (yeah, we're going back), Pete and I noticed a really nice leak coming from our master bathroom. We had the plumber come out to take a look and we found out it was a structural problem - not plumbing (which meant our home warranty wouldn't cover the expense). We decided instead of ripping out the tub and floor to figure out where the problem was coming from we'd just use our hall bathroom. Which we did. For 8 full months.

While in the midst of saving for our wedding, we made sure to save some money to remodel the bathroom. We figured, if they have to remove so much stuff anyway, we might as well do it up and get what we want - which is exactly what we did.

We scheduled our contractor to do the majority of the work while we were on our honeymoon so we wouldn't have to live with the demolition, nor have the dogs going crazy with the workers in the house. We couldn't be happier with the final result.

The Before:

(it's the best shot I have from the day of inspection, and FYI that tacky plastic mirror 'frame' was ripped off the day we moved in... terrible) The Leak: The After:
The shower tile (pre-custom glass doors)
Shower stall with frameless glass doors...
Our contractor likes to refer to it as the "Borgata Bathroom". Everyone was a little sketchy of my color choice (SW Argos), but I think it looks great against the neutral natural stone tiles in the shower and floor, as well as the new java double vanity.

(It's actually more grey in real life, but it does have a light blue undertone)
We finished it off with brushed nickel fixtures from Pottery Barn that look great above the double mirrors.
I also decided to save our old bathroom "art" by sprucing up the frame. Originally, the cherry wood Ikea frame coordinated with our bedroom furniture, but it now looked out of place with the dark wood vanity. I went to Lowe's, spent $5 and saved the frame with a coat of espresso colored spray paint. Ta-da!
(I love that picture!)


  1. Your new bathroom looks GREAT! Also, I was briefly looking through your honeymoon posts and I can't wait for December bc hubs and I along with some friends are going to the Big Island and Oahu!

  2. Thanks!
    My only trip tip is if you don't have them already, get the 'Revealed' books for the two islands. They are hands down the best guide books for Hawaii and we toasted many nights to Andrew Doughty (the author)for the amazing day trips and adventures we planned with the guide's reviews, tips, and tricks.

  3. okay so I really like your blog. You are a pescatarian and remodeling. haha
    We will be getting our house in a few months so I'll be doing DIY stuff as well!

  4. Thanks! I've been getting the decorating bug back now that the wedding is over. Next up is the kitchen :)... I have a unhealthy obsession with HGTV. I think the only channels my cable box sees are E!, HGTV, CW (for Gossip Girl), and ESPN for the husband.


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