Friday, October 2, 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon Adventure: Day 7

Our first day in the Big Island of Hawai'i (technically Hawai'i) we didn't plan much to do. We thought we'd scope out the Volcano, maybe hike a tad, and if it rained - we were staying in a rainforest after all- we'd play some of the board games and watch dvds left by cottage owner (smart thinking!)

Here are some shots from the Lazy Lehua Cottage...

View from the deck...

the kitchenindoor hot tub :)front deck with hammock swingawesome shower
The cottage owner had left a note on the counter making us aware of a neighborhood cat that likes to make her home on the lanai. We read the guest book and saw a bunch of stories from previous guests about the cat, O'hia (oh-hee-a). Some loved the company, others hated how she would sneak into the house when the door was cracked open... Being the animal lovers we are, and being without our beloved puppers for over week, we welcomed the animal fix.

Little creeper... Sooo friendly...
We headed down the street to Volcano National Park (VNP). It was $10 for our car to enter for a whole week, definitely the best deal of the whole trip. We drove up to the main lookout points starting with the Steam Vents and view of the Kilauea Caldera.

self portrait time...

We headed further down Crater Rim Drive and stopped at the Jagger Museum. This is the closest view of the Halemaumau crater (the crater within the Kilauea Caldera). Halemaumau start 'erupting' (read: smoking shown below) in March 2008. The sulfuric acid is so strong that Crater Rim Drive has been shut down on the south side.

After gawking at the caldera... headed the other direction down Crater Rim Drive into the rainforest. We stopped to check out the Thurston Lava Tube.

After walking through the tube, we drove down Chain of Craters Road toward the ocean. It was incredible to see the destruction previous lava explosions have left. It's even cooler to see the new life trying to break through the cracks...
The last road was eaten by lava... someone is cranky... must be lunch time

After we got back to the cottage, we made lunch and the sat on the covered lanai with our girl (O'hia) reading and relaxing to the sound of the rain.

Loved this hammock swing...


  1. That cottage is too cool. Your trip looks amaing.
    DH has a job offer on the Big Island a few months ago (he is a chef) at the Hilton Waicholoa. Close to Kona. He turned it down however because we didn't feel that any raise would be enough for the living expenses over there and the fact that we will have kids in a year or two and I cound NOT be away from my fam for that time. Maybe if it was Oahu we would have considered more. I mean the Big Island is BEAUTIFUL but not much of a city life (did LOTS of research) I think I would go stir crazy. The area we would have lived had pretty much nothing and was an hour drive from Kona. Oh yeah and the quarintine period for our dog was a while just all added up to a no. I would love to go there on Vacation though, all og your pictures are amazing.

  2. The cottage was great, but I'll be honest, it was a lot easier to Big Island (Volcano) to come home than it would have been Kauai.

    Volcano is so different and I'm so glad we saw it and really had the time to experience it as opposed to a day trip drive by - especially since we are big on 'outdoor adventures'. But it was cooler temps and not really that sunny (unlike Kona) so it was easier to leave and come home to our puppies. Regardless, I would recommend Hawaii as a vacation spot without blinking.


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