Friday, October 2, 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon Adventure: Day 6 (Travel)

We had an early morning flight out of Kauai back to Oahu. The annoyance came again to grab our bags and re-check back in at the Go! Airlines counter (1st flight was Hawaiian Airlines) for our flight to Big Island.

After the nuisance of getting our tickets (old school style at the counter and printed out), checking our bags, and going through security, we holed up at the bar and waited for our flight. Once we got to Big Island and grabbed the rental car, it was a 96 mi drive from Kona to Volcano. We grabbed some Thai at Thai Thai Restaurant (the for real name) and watched a movie from the cottage owner's collection.

Here's our story in pictures.

Nothing like a Heineken at 8:30am....

Bye, Kauai! Hello again Honolulu Internation Airport...

Or should I say, "Hello Airport Bar" - Hey at least it was noon!

don't judge me...

walking out to board our puddle jumper...

Big Island, here we come!

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