Monday, October 26, 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon Adventure: Day 11 (Return to Reality)

The title says it all.

Day 11 was long... very long. We left the cottage early so we could drive the 2 1/2 hours back to Kona. We walked around the Bay, stopped into some tourist trap shops, and then made our way to the Kona BrewPub for lunch. We read great reviews on their pizza, and naturally, their beer :)

Grumpy... (not to mention Mountian Man - check out that beard!)

Beer's here!

Grumps be gone.. Happy Pete is home :)
Can Kona please export to PA??

Since our flight to Honolulu wasn't until 4:30, we had some major time to kill. The airport was 10 minutes away. We happily ate and drank away our last day in paradise.

The adventure from Big Island to Honolulu to Newark to Newtown Square (in hurricane rains) to pick up some very happy pups to Collegeville to a very messy house still in the midst of a master bath remodel is too annoying to even type out, and I'd rather end this Honeymoon recap on a cheerful note.
Our trip to Hawaii was the best trip we have ever taken. Not only because we were in OUR pure paradise of gorgeous weather, landscape, and adventure all in one, but because we were with each other. A trip like this wouldn't be the same without your best friend.
Thanks for reading.

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