Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hawaiian Honeymoon Adventure: Day 4

Another early morning and we got in the car and headed as far north as we could. There is one "highway" (read: two lane road with some lights) that goes around almost the whole island. It only stops when the Na Pali Coast gets in the way.

We drove to the end of the highway and parked at Ke'e Beach Park. On the way to the beach, and to the hiking trail entrance, we saw this awesome cave.

In true scale...
We then started on our 4mi round trip hike of the Kalalau Trail. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Our destination was Hanakapia Beach which was 2mi out from the start of our trip.

Almost there!.. just climb down some slippery muddy rocks -nbd.
Very cool beach with very angry currents.
pfff... I laugh in the face of danger.... (not really, 83 people have been killed- count the tallys)

Finally at the beach :)

Lots of hippies too... camping out, doing hippie things and the like.

It's too bad we underestimated the climb of this hike. While it wasn't difficult, it definitely wasn't a stroll. Decent amount of climbing and we definitely worked up an appetite. I should have packed sandwiches, but I thought we'd be done in time for lunch - which we were, but man we were hungry... and grumpy. Both of us... hungry and grumpy, its like two children at bath time - something no one should put up with.
We stopped in Princeville and had some lunch followed by Bali Hai flavored Shave Ice over Mac Nut Ice Cream (mmm... macadamia nuts, a very underestimated nut). Sorta similar to a Rita's gelati, but def better. The ice is literally shaved with a super sharp blade, but that ice cream. We've been dreaming up ways to make it at home.

On the ride back to the South side of the island we took a pit stop. We found Queen's Bath, which is natural pool created by lava rock formation.

After getting back, we basically inhaled a box of spaghetti and died on the couch... We had to rest up for our last official day on Kauai.

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